Inadequacy of Science, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology

He who thoroughly knows his own self, knows everything

Science, philosophy, psychology – Inadequate to know Reality

Science deals with phenomena, with explaining phenomena.  The generalization of phenomena.  The scientist attempts to explain the “how” of the phenomenon.  Science has its place in the external form of phenomena, but is totally unable to understand the formless, the unknown, the mental, psychic aspect of phenomena.  Science is based on the testimony of the senses.  The senses themselves are limited even in their own domain, not to mention the fact that we can not experience that which we have no senses to make perception possible.  To engage in science without knowing the nature of the observer is folly.  It is the same as using a faulty instrument, without self-knowledge science is true only relatively, true only in respect to the external appearance of things as it appears to our limited perception.

The religionist attempts to discover the “why” of the phenomenon

The Supreme Scientist knows directly the fundamental nature of phenomena.

For example, Consciousness.  What is it?

The psychologist and neurologist can explain what it consists of, what biologically it is…….The philosopher uses thought, and attempts to understand it.  He or she argues based on knowledge and experience, attempts to understand it but never actually believes he can…….

The religionist accepts the testimony of certain revealed texts which claim to give the reason for consciousness…….

“The knowledge of God and the knowledge of man are ultimately identical, and he who knows himself knows God.”
“True religion and true science are ultimately one and the same thing.” –FH

Materialism and Ego

The ego is materialism.

It is the identification with form and therefore the ignorance of the formless.

The valuation of time and therefore the loss of eternity, timelessness, the present

The separation of objects in space, the subject and the object; and therefore the ignorance of space itself, of union and the whole

Materialism is the inevitable outcome of ignorance of the formless dimension in ourselves.

and with materialism comes the deficient rational mindset of the last few hundred years.

This materialistic mindset has not only become prevalent, but the only accepted worldview.  Anyone who speaks of spirit, consciousness, the formless etc. is viewed as delusional and out of touch with reality. Not based in fact and experience.

It does not help that 90% of people who speak of spiritual matters are pre-rational, infantile, mythic-magical thinkers(or non thinkers) who live on instinct and a need for security. So on both sides there are those who are ignorant, arguing with each other endlessly.

Is there not a place for one who can speak scientifically and spiritually? With common sense and clear insight? One who neither becomes too rational, or pre-rational; who actually makes the trip and doesn’t just conceptualize and speak with 2nd and 3rd, hand knowledge of transcendental matters?

True Psychology/Critique of Psychology

In order to understand the mind of man you must transcend the mind first, and then view it from a superior position.

  • Psychology and philosophy, as they are taught in colleges and as they are today are utterly inadequate to be meaningful to the individual. They have become to objective, rational, and disconnected from their roots- the study of the psyche and the love of truth and wisdom. Psychology deal with outer manifestations but not the root causes and does not even attempt to answer what thought is, what the self is, etc… Philosophy has become a game and an intellectual show off arena where people who think they are very clever debate and construct meaningless theories and concepts. They either have given up on answering the fundamental questions of existence or they are so lost in their minds that they never are struck by the questions in the first place.



The Union of Science, Spirituality, and Philosophy

The union and necessary reconciliation of science and religion. Spirituality is also a science- a science that has to be personally explored and tested. Its results can be verified, but you have to try it. Likewise science is increasingly becoming spiritual and ending in mysteries and uncertainties, is recognizing the subjective factor, the presence of the observer in quantum mechanics for example

“But there are valid disciplines, valid pursuits, that can be used by a serious seeker. Each will take you part of the way. There’s philosophy, which tries to discover Truth. Science, which aims for Reality. And religion, which seeks to approach God. The fact is that when you find yourself–your final, absolute, eternally aware Self–you’ll become all three: Truth, Reality, God. They are One.” -After the Absolute, Richard Rose

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