Faith, Belief, and Doubt

Doubt is sacred, not belief.  
One doubts everything except our ability to doubt
Rose often greeted people by asking, “What do you know for sure?” the way
most people might say, “How’s it going.”
Many people give up on ever truly knowing anything, knowing anything beyond relative experience. For them, we cannot know that- some believe what exoteric religion tells them to believe, but it is just that- belief, wishful thinking.  They would rather be sedated than shook up.
True Faith implies a surrender.  This surrender is not giving up, defeat, a weakness- but actually takes the most strength and courage.  It is taking a step without knowing that there is anything beneath your feet.  It is saying “I don’t know, and that is ok,  but I really really want to know”
Faith is humility, trusting that you are capable of receiving illumination from a deeper level of reality- within yourself or outside.
It is having the courage to face the unknown, to die to all of your past ideas and thoughts.  It is making yourself open to receive wisdom and truth
Credo Ut intellegem-  I believe in order to know

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