THE AIM OF EDUCATION IS TO BRING OUT WHAT LIES HIDDEN IN THE INDIVIDUAL. Education is not some external ideal, not some outer imposition, it is a revelation of one’s inner being.

A School, an Academy,

A Full Education, A Whole Education.
1. Information – History, Language, etc…
Necessary information for living in the world with intelligence and awareness.  History, Geography, economics……
  • Every person in the world should know at least two languages; one is his mother tongue, and the other is English as an international vehicle for communication
2. Science – Objective Reality
3. Art of Living – Self-Knowledge, A reverence for life, 
  • love, laughter, and an acquaintance with life and its wonders, its mysteries….
4. Creativity – Art, 
The child has freedom to create in any way he or she is moved to – poetry, painting, sculpting, music, dance, film, theater, architecture, mechanical, comedy, clothes, ……..
5. Meditation
  • Zen,  Tao, Yoga, Hassidism, Sufism, etc….
  • The Art of Dying


3 Aspects(A triangle)
1.  Meditation: Raising Human Consciousness – Subjective Truth
2. Art – Beauty, creating and discovering beauty and living joyously and a celebration
3. Science – Objective Truth, creative science