Evolution: Conscious and Unconscious

Hitherto the evolution of mankind and all of visible nature has been unconscious, or has taken place without a rational, self-aware agency.  However, we have now reached a singularity in the evolution of intelligence in which the next evolutionary leap or advancement will not happen unconsciously but consciously.

Previously our bodies and our minds have evolved in order to survive and meet the needs of the environment.  We have evolved brains more adept at creating and manipulating tools in order to thrive and survive………But we have reached a point where Human Beings are not only a threat to the survival of the planet, but a threat to our own survival.   Millions of humans have been murdered by our own species in the last 100 years alone.

It is obvious that a fundamental change must occur or humanity will wipe itself out through violence to itself or to its environment.   This is a fact recognized by nearly everyone.  What is not recognized is the way to end this violence and insanity.  Many think that through external reform. legislation etc. we can change the way people think and live and therefore solve the problems of the world.  This way deals with the manifestations but not the root cause.  It is like treating depression with drugs rather than helping the individual to overcome the true reason for their sorrows(deserves a page of its own).  The only way to solve the world problem is to solve the individual problem, for the individual is the world, they are one in the same(hyperlink to page on individual and world).

If the individual inwardly is violent, is confused, is unhealthy etc. then so will society and the planet as a whole.  The individual likes to think that the problems of the world are caused by others, yet if they were to look at themselves clearly they would see that they are sufferers of the same disease, perhaps in a more subtle form.


This evolution is the metamorphosis in consciousness.  This is a fundamental change in the very structure and nature of our psyche, a change in the brain cells themselves.  The nature of this radical change is an end to to living primarily through thought and the ego, the living from a center, the “me”.  An end to the identification with form and therefore an ignorance or unconsciousness of the formless.

(or else we have just now reached the time period where we can be aware that we must evolve or die, and thus will evolve.  Still there is no choice, just awareness and knowledge of evolution as it happens and that it must happen)

What do you think?

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