“a certain way of holding your head so that your desires become manifest in your life experience….. a complete way of being”

-Bart Marshall

Living “without fear of failure or hope of gain”.
But I didn’t do anything. You quit and things happen. You let the door open. You stop the obstruction, you eliminate the ego. This is between-ness.
“You can’t learn between-ness,” he said. “But if you live the life it will come naturally to you.”
“The ego is the single biggest obstruction to the achievement of anything, Between-ness is the act of acting without ego. You act, but you are not the actor. You do things, but you are not the doer–and you know you are not the doer. It’s the ability to hold the head at a dead standstill in order to effect certain changes. You desire the change, but you do not care if it comes to pass.  Between-ness does not change the eternal fact. It’s a way of discovering the eternal fact. It occurs when you want what is right, independent of your own desires. There’s a mechanism for holding your head in this half-way state, in between caring and not caring. You will it, then forget it–without fear of failure or hope of gain. Between-ness is the product of a lifetime of egoless-ness.”
“There’s a tremendous power in between-ness,” he went on. “When circumstances are right, things happen. When it’s used in spiritual work I call it ultimate between-ness. Every true spiritual system expresses the same thing in one way or another–try like hell while at the same time surrendering to God.”
“Yes, I believe this—I would like for it to happen. But I’m not going to try to make it happen, unless it’s supposed to happen. Then I will it to happen. Otherwise, I’ll forget about it.”
The key to magic is to remove the ego from what you do. Take the attitude of “let’s see what might happen” rather than “let’s make this happen.” Mr. Rose says don’t brag about what you do. Be grateful that it happened. He implied that you bump into things; you don’t make things happen.
-Richard Rose

Miracles and Magic

“everything is equally miraculous. It is only when something crosses a certain threshold of speed or credulity that we acknowledge it as a miracle.”

4 elements of Between-ness

Intention/Will – “to know what you want and ask for it”.  To consciously know what your deepest desire is, the direct perception brings about action.  “This requires that you know exactly what you want, which is really the essence of it.”

Faith/Confidence/Certainty – The state of mind that once you intend something it is a done deal.  “don’t just hope you get what you want, be certain it is coming.”  Will it into existence. “Ask and you shall receive”

Gratitude – “Dissatisfaction without complaint”.

We must both be dissatisfied with things as they are that we single-mindedly intend that things change, while simultaneously being truly grateful and happy for things just as they are.  A contradiction? Yes. So?  Who are you going to give a gift?  The child who is thankful for any gift no matter how small, or the child who is always dissatisfied with what you give?  “Ask and you shall receive”

Acceptance/Surrender/Indifference – The still point of high indifference, between desire and gratitude. “A place where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of it matters anyway.”(Marshall).

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