The Art of Wonder

This site is called the Art of Wonder because wonder is the guiding principle, the ocean in which we swim.
We are not seeking to demystify existence
Rather we are seeking to fully and joyfully participate in its mystery
To actively create and deepen the mystery.

We are concerned with experiencing the Ah! of things

Jesus said: “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
The whole art of living is to be fresh, new, innocent; capable of wonder

Religion is the highest education, and the lifeblood of religion is wonder.

Knowledge and knowledgeability blocks one off from life. Without mystery, newness,and awe life becomes a bore and a chore.
One walks but can never dance, one lives their life like a newspaper article
And you can never become poetry

One misses, one misses life completely

The farther one goes into religion the more the wonder, the mystery deepens
The more one becomes obsessed with philosophy the more wonder is killed and one is sidetracked by trivial pursuits
We are concerened with the existential, not the intellectual.
In religion one goes deeper and deeper into wonder until finally they come to know that they know nothing – and this is true knowing, true wisdom.

And in that humble simplicity, that mature wonder, that state of innocence – poetry comes to its perfection.
That poetry is religion. And religion is the essential form of poetry.

The goal is wonder because wonder is a living thing, it is understanding, not knowledge

Our task is to wipe the sleep from our eyes, the dust from our wings. To attain clear sight and simplicity.

To live in wonder.

To walk without feet,
See without eyes,
Hear without ears,
Drink without mouth,
and fly without wings.

What do you think?

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