This website is the digital manifestation of one man’s magnum opus.  It is a perpetually evolving entity, serving as a laboratory for investigation, creation, and celebration of the essential mystery of Life.

It is the continual fulfillment of The Twin Impulses of Life: to know/be the ultimate Truth, and to totally experience and live this life.

It’s title: The Art of Wonder, reveals not a destination, but a way of moving.  It is learning and discovering the knack or the art of living in and as wonder, awe, reverence for the mystery, the unknowable, the divine.   To live with that perfume, that fragrance of wonder and prayer for the essence things….

It is a travel companion, a friend and a guide on the path.  It is a guidebook, a means of inspiration, a tool, and a bridge to an unknown land.   It is a Mirror, a Compass, a Lantern, and a Key.

All with the purpose of aiding the individual in the quest to realize their ultimate potential and attain the ultimate boon.  To throw off all darkness, all limitation and flower as a fully conscious human being.  To discover our innate identity with and as divinity, wholeness, blissfulness, and love.

 (((((((         ))))))))

The site is intended as a universe to explore – into all aspects and domains of life – Religion, Myth, Science, Education, Art, and the human experience.

The effort is to bring all domains of knowledge and understanding;  the sciences, the arts, religion, etc.  into a synthetic whole and to create a way of life, a way of living as an individual in the cosmos. A way, which is inclusive of all, which is not based on arguments and contradictions, which is based on a deep insight into the essential core of all the contributions that have been made to human knowledge, to human wisdom and the practical applications.

A synthesis.  A bringing into harmony of all the insights and contributions of science, art, religion, technology, mythology, anthropology, etc….To bring scientific and technological growth into a synthetic vision with the heart and religion

A triangle—science, religion,and art. These complimentary domains of the total movement of life.  The exploration of the inner, and of the outer, and the creativity which joins them together in expression

To attain the eyes and the heart to perceive life in its totality, in its significance.
To distill the essential understandings needed for the individual to establish for themselves total and unconditional freedom.
To make being human synonymous with being religious, and synonymous with growing, learning, & ripening.  As well as to aid the individual in penetrating to the core of this existence.
To reveal that this life is tending always towards growth, towards transcendence.
That all rivers eventually enter the sea, and so to does all life end in transcendence.

What do you think?

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