UFO & ET Disclosure Will Never Come From Governments – Only From Within You

The recent Pentagon UFO report is, as expected, completely devoid of anything significant.

UFOs, and more importantly, the beings who are in them, are very real.
Compartmentalized factions of our own governments have known this since at least the 1940’s and have had face-to-face interactions and reverse-engineered craft since then.

Disclosure Will Never Come From Governments

The moral of this story is: don’t expect ANY form of disclosure from governments.

They can’t tell the truth about ET’s or else it would lessen their power that lies in secrecy and control and expose how they have lied about everything else as well – such as new technologies, free energy, human history, and many others.

Their strategy is to drip only a fraction of a percent of the truth to the public as a distraction. And they are predictably framing UFOs as a national security threat to generate fear in the population.

Inner Knowing

The crux of the problem is this:
Individuals must stop looking to the “experts” and “authorities” in government, media, science, medicine, etc. to tell them what is true and what is real.

For many people, if it is not in the mainstream media or confirmed by modern science then it doesn’t exist. Their entire perception of reality is shaped by external authorities.

This is a childish state of consciousness. Looking externally for truth is how humanity has gotten ourselves into such a state of ignorance and disempowerment.

The Truth is Obvious For Those Who See

There is already a plethora of evidence for anyone who genuinely cares to investigate. There are accounts from individuals who have worked in these projects who have shared their experiences with the public, as well as the millions of people who have had some form of personal sighting or contact.

ET’s are here and they have been here around us and among us since the beginning of Humanity.

First Contact is Already Happening

True disclosure is not occurring in the mainstream, but has been occurring in smaller communities and in individuals for decades. Gradually this truth will spread out to the society as a whole. But it will not come from governments, the media, academia, or science.

Do not look without, look within for the true disclosure of our extraterrestrial brethren and the truth of this Earth Reality.

As human consciousness expands we will gradually become more aware of realities that exist beyond our highly limited, materialistic bandwidth of experience, including Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional beings.

And as humanity finally attains a state of maturity and stops destroying ourselves and our planetary home, these beings advanced in spirituality, intelligence, and technology will be glad for us to interact with them as equals.

What do you think?

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