Humanity Stands at the Crossroads

Humanity stands at the crossroads.

Looking behind we see our whole history, our whole evolution that had led us to this place. To the left and right we see different paths and different choices; choices leading to destruction or leading to paradise. Looking ahead we see only pregnant darkness.

Humanity as a collective is at the crisis point and the turning point.
It is now life or death, sink or swim, fall or fly…

We are in a state of high novelty, of great chaos.  This is a great danger and a great opportunity.  We can rise high or we can fall far.


It is at the crossroads at twilight that the magic can happen, that the veils between worlds is thinnest. In this time between time and place between space that the chances of novelty is temporarily infinite.

A place where possibilities converge, a nexus point.


Humanity is poised on the edge of a knife blade

Can humanity go another 100 years in the trajectory that it is going? Can it even go 50 or 10?

Perhaps a metamorphosis is needed, the death of the old slug that crawls on earth, the gestation in the cocoon, and the birth of a new being who can fly into the sky.

There are great forces of good, growth, love, light in the world,
Yet also there are great forces of illusion, hate, fear, anger, ignorance, and darkness
It is possible to fall either way…

Human consciousness is growing and increasing in complexity, intelligence, and awareness… And at the same time human consciousness is falling backwards into our past animal instincts of violence and fear.

The consciousness of humanity, which means humanity and human beings, is at a crisis point.

It is the way life moves that things get simultaneously better and worse. Life moves in dialectics, as a process of cause and effect, the harmony of opposites.


We are in the midst of a radical change in human consciousness and therefore humanity and the earth.
The choice is to go up or to fall down – there is no staying still.

Forwards is a new heaven and a new earth. ahead is humanities great potential for making this existence and this earth a paradise. A brother and sisterhood ever committed to more and more goodness and growth.

Falling backwards means suicide, succumbing to fear, hate, anger, ignorance. It means destroying our brothers, our home, and ourselves and devolving into animality.

Humanity is poised on the edge of a knife blade and stands at the crossroads.
You are at the crossroads. (For you are the whole of humanity)
You must choose a path and walk it, for not to choose is still a choice.
Only you can make this choice, only you can find the way, and only you can bear the burden.
If you do not find the way, it will not be found


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