Main, fundamental, overarching

  • The Triangle: Science, Art, and Religion
  • The Synthesis: The unification of matter & spirit, science & religion, inner & outer…..


  • Religousness: The future of Man’s religious consciousness
  • The external, objective, scientific over-balance in our world today
  • Modern man in search of a soul
  • Crisis in Consciousness – Transformation in consciousness or else humanity commits suicide


  • The Modern Mythos: The place of myth, now and for the future
  • The need for inspiring stories – not stories which glorify pain, mirror and perpetuate the suffering of humanity
  • Each human being is the hero in their personal story Quest
  • You are the whole of humanity, you are the world

Kosmos & Arcana


  • Homo Novus et Universalis: The New, Universal Man
  • Harmonizing Masculine and Feminine Poles and Energies


  • The Future of Man: One Humanity, One world government,
  • The Diaspora

Modern World & Living

  • Our relationship with technology
  • Living in the metropolis

The Art of Living

  • The real education
  • Lack of a true, whole, balanced education in our world today.
  • Conditioning – Breaking free of all conditionings
  • The Art of Living and Dying


  • Subjective art and Objective art