Work and Vision

Seth Balthaazar is a philosopher-poet who shares liberating insight and inspirational guidance in our human journey to wake up, re-member ourselves, end the illusion of separation, and return to our innate nature as divinely powerful creator beings.

He is a lantern bearer guiding the way forward in these times of chaos and confusion as humanity redeems it’s past and consciously chooses a golden future.  As we dream a new dream, co-create a new reality, and collectively write The Story of the New Earth. 

The Holy Grail - C.C. Rose

My Work

The Story of the New Earth

Humanity is writing a new story.

A vision of the true nature and highest destiny of Man.

The story of mankind’s liberation from all limitations and enslavements.

The story of awakening from the darkness of ignorance, separation, and fear

and into the light of awarenesses, union, and love.

Keys to the Mystery


Selected Writings