– The individual and the Quest

– Kosmos

– Futurology

– The Story of the New Earth

– Magic

– The Art of Living & Dying

– Keys to the Mystery

– Roots & Wings; The ultimate Synthesis


Weaving the Web of Life

Longing Beauty Birth Presence Eternity Mind Innocence Maturity Imagination Transcendence Seed Sleep Love Nature Rebellion Ritual Meaning Awakening Meditation Conditioning Liberation Technology Creativity Revolution Rebirth Parables Master Law Kosmos Religion Death Man Separation Moon Astrology Quest Future Freedom Prayer Fear Adventure Will Alchemy Music Consciousness Magic Wonder Spirit Who Am I? Society Harmony Home Awareness Enlightenment Symbols Hero Truth Immortality Macrocosm Growth Life Sacrifice Microcosm Art of Living Silence Poetry Time Light Anxiety Transformation Outer Space Destiny Desire Journey Godliness Soul Divine Trust Mythos Universe Goal Darkness Songs Form Being Science Silence Pyramid Illusion Education Mother Mystic Spell Subjectivity Utopia Bliss Belief Koan Memory Paradox Madman Metamorphosis Wisdom Shadow Change Cosmopolitan Metaphor Individual Water Air Archetypes Sorrow Holy Grail Origins Circle Intelligence Distraction Health Cause & Effect Insanity Crown Robot Sun Mysteries Arcana Father Space Practice Hypnotism Ears Disease Delusion Infinity Nothing Occult Action Metropolis Gravity Ego Kingdom Present Incarnation Prophecy Wings Perfection Redeemer Catharsis Unknown Guilt Secret Exploration Hate Sea Peace Evil Hint Rational Motion Future Pain Flowering Investigate Evolution Orphan Mirror Mountain Pleasure Fire Existence Gambling Poverty Womb Happiness Celebration Vision Wasteland Synthesis Zeitgeist Materialism Web Sharing Responsibility Fool Energy Sutra Playfulness Rest Key Patterns Vibration Void Philosophy Karma Objectivity Power Riddle Question Disciple Sleep Gate Relationship Villain Boredom Wizard Sacred Ignorance Laughter Daring Echo Matter Story Fundamentalism Order Gold Internet Son Chaos Games Roots Arational Simplicity Experiment Book Earth Crystallization Reality Abyss Heart Experiencing Fate Child Eyes Slavery Mystery Past


The domains and dimensions of life, existence.  The facets of the diamond.


  • Religousness: The future of Man’s religious consciousness
  • The external, objective, scientific over-balance in our world today
  • Modern man in search of a soul
  • Crisis in Consciousness – Transformation in consciousness or else humanity commits suicide
  • Rebirth
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Void of Modern Man


  • The Modern Mythos: The place of myth, now and for the future
  • The need for inspiring stories – not stories which glorify pain, mirror and perpetuate the suffering of humanity
  • Each human being is the hero in their personal story Quest
  • You are the whole of humanity, you are the world




The Art of Living

  • The Art of Living and Dying
  • The real education
  • Lack of a true, whole, balanced education in our world today.
  • Conditioning – Breaking free of all conditionings



  • Subjective art and Objective art