Library – Cafe

Public Library – Coffee shop – Commons Area
  • place with a good selection of books on a wide range of subjects and styles – classics and modern – specially curated by me.
  • You can hang out and be.
  • Hot and cozy drinks – possibly partner with local brewers, artisans for komboucha, tea, coffee, beer, healthy snack food, etc…. or make my own komboucha and tea……
  • in an old building with character – high ceilings, history, presence, – an old church would be perfect
  • places for community interaction – tables, couches,
  • places for solitude and quiet – little reading nooks and writing nooks
  • perhaps board games, tools for other social activities
  • creating a culture – how to not make it a graveyard coffee shop with everyone on their macbook, and how to get strangers to interact
  • not pumping in music – live music, or ambient sounds of the city, or gentle ambient, or silence or ?
  • non-profit or for-profit?