Public Commons Area
  • A centre of learning, community
  • We need places where people can mingle, collaborate,
    where can share a space.  Place for people to be, to hangout, to meet, to collaborate
  • Separate rooms for different things going on…?
  • Just space for people to work together, to create together, to explore together


not for idle gossip, but for meditation, art music, education….and idle gossip

you must have time to have a commons – leisure
it cannot exist in a culture where everyone is working all the time

Design & Elements

  • Beautiful and spacious central hall



all totally free(?), totally based on people doing what they love, sharing what they love.
  • Rooms and spaces for creating music, for grassroots organizing, for meditating, for painting together, for creating and enacting plays……
  • Holding classes and workshops on all sorts of topics – gardening, herbalism, religion, meditation, art, music, Masculinity, Femininity, making komboucha…..
  • Allowing anybody that wants to and proves they are capable can teach a class or workshop.
  • Socialistic – the community, the people, are the directors, in charge of what they want it to be.
  • Not teachers, so much as Guides