Mystic • Madman  Poet  Storyteller  Musician  Magician Gambler • Friend • Fool

A lantern bearer, creating & synthesizing a Mythos and Religousness for the new, whole, kosmic, Human Being


My work is to bring together, celebrate, teach, translate,  re-create, synthesize, and re-awaken:   The myths of Man, the religions of man.  The scientific, spiritual, magical teachings of humanity.  The spiritual, wisdom, esoteric, mystery traditions and schools of Man.

To both celebrate them and uncover them as they are, and to strip them down to their essentials, to their non-localized, non-traditional essence.
To bring together all these wisdom traditions, myths, spiritual teachings…. the beautiful mythical, religious/spiritual, anthropological, scientific, artistic, musical heritage of humanity.
To translate them, uncover them, and retell them in my own language and experience.  To make this Mythos available to modern man, for the New Man, Homo Novus.
  • Spiritual traditions – Sufi, Zen, druids, kabbalah/Hasidim
  • Mystics – Christ, Buddha, Osho….
  • Mystery Traditions – Hermeticism, Magic, Egyptian, Mithraic, Rosicrucian, Golden Dawn…
  • Mythic Traditions – all cultures – India, Greek, Native American,
  • Mythos itself – Hero’s journey, mythical archetypal experiences(destiny, death, rebirth, initiation….)
  • Poetic Traditions and Individuals – Bards, Artists, Poets, Musicians
  • Essential Scientific Arts – Astrology, Alchemy,
  • The inspiration of art & symbolism, – Tarot, symbolism,
  • The discoveries of modern science –