This is a page for fundamental questions, inquiries which are recorded so as to clarify our intentions and directions of investigation.  These questions are examinations meant to drive us deeper into the essence of things.  They are inquires which may be like the stick which is used to stoke the fire, and are themselves consumed and rendered obsolete as the fire comes alive.

These questions are paths of inquiry which map out the terrain.  They show the essential questions and subjects of inquiry which we will be investigating and exploring.


Believe nothing which is unreasonable and reject nothing as unreasonable without proper examination

— Siddhārtha Gautama

Koans – Answerless Questions

  • Where will you spend eternity?
  • What were you before you were born? Where were you before you were born?  Were you before you were born?
  • How could you exist and then not exist?  How could you ever not Be(!?)
  • Has there ever been a time when you have been not?
  • What has been watching this whole movie of your life, what has been the one constant?
  • What is looking out of your eyes?
  • What is lacking right now?  What do you need before you can be truly happy?

The Nature and Destiny of Life, the Universe

  • What is Life as a whole tending towards?  What is the end, the ultimate destination of energy, matter, life, consciousness?
  • What is the evolutionary trajectory of matter, life, consciousness, the universe?
  • What is real meaning? (Not your purpose in life; The purpose of life)

The Nature and Destiny of Man

  • What is Man, essentially?
  • What were we before birth?  Before our parents birth?
  • What are we after death?
  • What is the purpose of Man’s existence? Are we a complicated accident or did we come to be for a reason?
  • For what reason did a particular individual become manifest?
  • What is the summit of perfection of the human being, what is the highest attainment possible to the individual human being?
  • Is it possible for the human being to attain immortality?  Not as in endless continuation of the body/mind, but as establishment of ones identity or being in that which was never born.
  • Is it possible for man to transcend all limitation? That is: sorrow, fear, desire, self-centeredness, etc.
  • Can the human being attain Freedom?  Not freedom from something, but freedom in itself.
  • Can a Man become?  How shall he know what he should become?
  • Is man merely an animal, or an advanced, intellectual animal, or is man meant for something beyond animal existence?
  • Is Man’s only purpose to reproduce and then fertilize the earth?


  • Why has Man, after thousands of years, not been able to establish peace on earth, and will we ever attain it in the future?
  • Is Utopia a dream, or an ideal? A fantasy, a realizable goal?  The product of lazy minds which put off action to some idealized future?………
  • Is there any real difference between the people on Earth, or are we all fundamentally the same? The same body, same mind, same conditioning…….
  • Are you any different from any other person?  Is there anything that makes you unique, special?
  • What is the collective conditioning of Humanity and is it possible to be free of it?
  • How is the world to change?  From collective effort, from outward revolution, or from inner psychological revolution by the individual?

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

  • What is everyone seeking?  What do we expect to find that will end our everlasting search?
  • Is it possible that our seeking is really trying to come to the end of seeking?
  • What is the root cause of the rampant depression, anxiety, unhappiness so prevalent in modern living?
  • Are we really seeking meaning in our lives, or do we really long for the experience of being fully alive?
  • What would make the human individual really and truly happy?
  • In todays world, where is the individual to look for true religion?  For spiritual guidance?
  • By what mythology is modern living?

Man’s approaches to Truth, Reality, Understanding.

Modern Science, Technology, etc…

  • Will science and technology eventually solve all of our problems?  If so should we just sit back and wait for immortality through science?
  • How is one, in todays world, to balance technology and living?
  • Can science replace religion in peoples lives?
  • What happens when someone replaces religion with modern science in their lives?

Philosophy, Psychology Religion – Man’s approaches to Truth, Reality, Understanding.

  • If philosophy only uses the mind, how can it be considered the pursuit of Truth?
  • If psychology never establishes a point of reference beyond the mind, a superior vantage point – how can it come to any understanding of the mind or anything at all?
  • Why do we come up with conceptual theories on human thinking before knowing that which thought essentially is?


  • What does a True Education for children consist of?
  • Is it possible that our educational system is shutting down the creative lifeblood of our children?  That it is filling them up with knowledge and facts rather than giving them the tools and the guidance to discover and learn on their own.
  • Should we be teaching our children to…….

The Role and Function of Mythology

  • What place has Mythology in todays scientifically orientated, technologically advancing age?  In a world which thinks it no longer needs Religion, Myths, etc.
  • What would the nature and expression of a Modern Mythos be?  A Mythos for the 21st century and beyond, for humanity as one species.
  • How can we forge a Mythos of Humanity, of Human beings as one race, one expression of life – undivided by nationalities, cultures, geography, beliefs, ideologies, language, external appearance,……?
  • How are we to honor our past mythologies and religions while propelling them into our future as a species?

The Essence, the Purpose of Mythology

  • Throughout human history, why have humans told symbolic, metaphorical stories?
  • How does mythology teach that which is beyond knowledge?

Areas, Topics……


  • Is it possible for Man to know anything transcending his sensual perception?
  • The mind, thought, and thinking is limited by the inherent limitations in space and time.  Therefore is there any knowledge possible transcending the mind?
  • Can you know God before knowing the Self?
  • Is it possible that Man possesses latent powers transcending those which are admitted to exist by modern Science?
  • Is there such a thing as psychological evolution, change through time, gradually approaching Truth?
  • What is the mind?  What are its limits, its dimensions?

The Material and the Immaterial

  • Does modern science deal with all of existence or is there things which it cannot see?
  • Is it possible to perceive anything transcending the physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell?
  • Does anything exists beyond the phenomenal, physical, perceivable world?  (Hint: gravity, love…)
  • How can we come to know anything transcending our normal object centered mode of consciousness?
  • Does that which has a material physical form exist, or does that which is immaterial exist? Do both exist or neither? Or does one have more existence than the other?

Reality & Illusion

  • What is real?
  • What is reality and how do we find it? How do we determine it?
  • Is a dream real?  A mirage? If not, why not?


  • Who/what are we?
  • Can we identify ourselves?
  • Are we only a body? Only a mind?
  • Is there a self beyond the mind?
  • Is there a soul?  What is a soul?
  • Are we a distinct, individual entity or a conglomeration of drives, forces, conditioning, and voices?
  • How can it be that we don’t know what we are!?

Free Will & Destiny

  • Is man a robot, a cyborg, a zombie?
  • Do we move, or are we moved?
  • Do we think or are we caused to think? (Can you start thinking? Stop thinking? Think about what you choose?)
  • Can a robot program itself in any degree?  How much control do we have?


  • What is truth?
  • Can the finite mind ever pierce the infinite?
  • Is there an eternal, immutable, immeasurable, Truth or Reality?
  • Is the Absolute, God, Reality, Truth accessible to Man?
  • How does one go about discovering absolute Truth, the fundamental Reality?
  • Is it possible for the individual human being to directly see and know who they really are, in essence?
  • What is the one thing that really matters in this life?


  • What is Love?  Not relative human love(which is really possessiveness, attachment, fear, desire, lust…..) but a love that knows no hate, no separation, no fear.
  • What is Time? If time is movement, duration, the interval between two things – is there anything that is not the product of time, does not exist in time?  Is there anything Eternal?
  • Physical time is obvious in the relative world, but is there such a thing as psychological time?
  • What is Space?  Does space exist if it has no qualities, no form?
  • What is Life?  Life is energy, matter, consciousness…..
  • What is Faith?  Is it belief in what another has told you, belief so as to avoid facing fear, or something entirely different?
  • What is Sin?