I propose that there is a Holy Grail and an Elixir of Life

I propose that there is an attainable meaning to life; an experiencable meaning.

I propose that there is no meaning to life… without an explanation of death.

I propose that belief is the enemy of the soul except when the soul believes in itself.  (I believe so that I may see)


I propose that man consciously and unconsciously is seeking Home – which is his innermost being, true happiness, his definition.  There exists in each person a passion and a longing for something real and eternal.  All addictions and desires are unconscious desires for the end of desire and the experience of Home.

I propose that this rest, and the end of all desire and searching for fulfillment is found only in knowing thyself and ones innermost being.

I propose that in knowing the fundamental nature of oneself, one knows the essence of all.



I propose that all forms of life evince curiosity, a will to survive – and not just survive, but the impetus towards growth, greater intelligence, complexity, and the transcendence of its previous limitations.

I propose that Life tends towards knowing and experiencing itself consciously; this divine purpose is consummated in creation through Man becoming Self-conscious.

I postulate that man, more than the monkey, is curious.  Although man, like the monkey,  is primarily interested in somatic functions, body pleasures and body well-being, there is between the absorption in body-function and survival urgencies, a few moments of curiosity about his meaning.

My further postulation is that those few moments of curiosity are scientifically sane and socially justifiable; and this curiosity is evidence of an impulse in man which is not merely for physical comfort and animal existence, but an impulse which is outside of the physical momentum of life.

I propose that this seemingly irrational impulse points towards a transcendence of the whole nature game; of pleasure, eating, reproduction and death.  It is evidence that Man, in addition to his animal nature has an immaterial nature; which calls Man towards its fulfillment

In addition Man may get glimpses and inexplicable tastes in the course of his or her life of transcendence, eternity, wholeness, Love, and the mystery underlying all; which show the reality and possibility of a higher and deeper state of consciousness.

I propose that Life, consciousness, etc..  desires to wake up to its own nature in this play of form

I propose that Man will evolve beyond the Homo Sapien just as Homo Sapiens evolved beyond the Ape.