Compass : Lamp : Mirror : Key

Oh Eternal Traveler!

Fashion for yourself these tools

Arm yourself for the Quest of Quests

A Compass, a centering device, a homing beacon.  A constant companion in your quest.  In a land without a map, your inner compass will keep you pointed in the direction of the goal.   With a compass you can have a direction, but not a fixed goal. You cannot know the destination but with your compass you can always move forward.  You can move up rather than down, you can tend towards the light and through the darkness

A Lamp, a light in the darkness when all other lights go out – and they will go out.  A beacon illuminating the ultimate goal, as well as that which is just before your eyes.    A lamp unto oneself.
Though the whole world be in darkness I have a light, I am a light, I am light.
To light up the present.  You cannot light up everything, but to walk and carefully hold your lamp is to have an aide for what is now.

A Mirror to reflect you back to yourself.  A window for you to look into your soul.  A reflection of yourself to yourself.  Something outside which manifests that which is inside.  A magic mirror to gaze into and see that which IS.  The eye cannot see itself, the ear can not hear itself, the tongue cannot taste itself.

A mirror allows the seer to be seen.

I am a mirror, and in order to see and reflect truth/reality the mirror needs polishing.  Your task is to remove all specks of dust and dirt.  The mirror reflects you. Dive into the mirror, step in and face your self

A Key which can unlock all doors, which can open the gates to life and the ultimate treasure.  A tool which is the key to the ultimate mystery, which unlocks the supreme riddle.

The Key to the Mystery.  A golden key to unlock all doors….. and walls without doors. A key fashioned to unlock the supreme treasure chest.  The key which unlocks the door that is the threshold between the known and the unknown.
The key is you, is within you.  And with that key you can open all doors.  It is the master key, and the key to the mysteries.