As the Human body, mind, and essence is fundamentally the same in all places and in all lands, there are discernible patterns, similarities, resonances, and archetypal signatures in the music of Mankind.


(Taken from here)

  • Roots – Where our music came from; our shared heritage. It may not sound contemporary, but if you listen you can hear its echoes in everything that has come since.
  • Branches – A bridge between cultures, styles, musical languages. As a meeting of two or more rivers, the sources mingle and new life is born.
  • Fruits – Music ripened to perfection. It has absorbed the roots, grown in the sun of contemporary life, and made a new statement. Sweet and nourishing.
  • Seeds – The start of something new. These musicians went out on a limb, and did something never done before. Whether they had followers or not, their music retains the stamp of individuality and experimentation.

Instrument Taxonomy

Percussion instruments

  • 1.1 Idiophones
  • 1.2 Membranophones

Wind instruments (aerophones) – Human voice
Stringed instruments (chordophones)
Electronic instruments (electrophones)

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