Private Sessions

I am available for In-person(if geography permits) or 1 on 1 counseling over Zoom.

Together we can explore whatever you desire and through the mirror of dialogue, I can assist you in zeroing in on your true purpose and in removing obstacles to your full expression in the form of false and negative definitions, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

Through methods of inquiry learned from many masters and many traditions my method is a simple, direct open-hearted exploration. As if the two of us were sitting next to each other and I am totally available to listen to you and what you are struggling with. I act as a mirror and as the voice of your deeper self.

My method is not to put band-aids over wounds and to engage in surface-level modifications but to go to the roots of things and discover what is the fundamental mechanism at work.  I will challenge you and call you out if you are holding back and if you are being dishonest with yourself.

We can meet once or on an ongoing basis and I can guide and support you in creating a plan of action to living your dream life

First 30 minutes: free introductory session
After that: 1 hour = $50

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Are you?

+ Uncertain and confused about the current changes happening in this world and feel the need to make deep changes within yourself and your life?
+ Seeking a deeper understanding of the bigger picture perspective about the Earth Game and your purpose for incarnating here?
+ Needing guidance as to false-matrix that has been in place on planet earth and how to awaken and be free within a world of such ignorance and limitation?
+ Wanting information about the cosmic changes occurring now and the future trajectory of humanity as we experience this evolution in consciousness and move into a New Age of Aquarius?
+ Attempting to navigate the chaos in the world during this time of transition during the Great Shift?

We can explore topics such as:

+ The true law of attraction: how the law of attraction truly works and how you can use your understanding of this fundamental law of existence to bring to you what you desire and not what you do not want.
+ Methods to wake up in this physical reality dream so as to truly live your deepest imagination and deepest dream.
+ The Formula – the only instruction book and tool kit you need in this life to be ecstatically blissful, universally abundant, and living your soul’s purpose. A simple step-by-step guide….
+ Exploring your core beliefs and definitions about yourself and your world so that you can see if they are truly aligned with who you wish to be – and if not, helping you transform them into beliefs/definitions that work for you.
+ Fear, what it truly is, and how fear can actually be a great gift. How fear can be used to explore your deepest longing and how your darkness can be transmuted into gold, your fear into your highest excitement.
+ Forgiveness – many individuals have experienced much pain and suffering and are struggling with how to forgive so that they may move on in their life and leave behind the karma and attachments to resentment, anger, and hurt. We may explore the true meaning and significance of forgiveness, and how you can truly and deeply cleanse yourself of all attachment to another.
+ How to view any and every difficult experience you have had as a powerful creator rather than a powerless victim so that you can learn the lessons that this world exists for in order to teach you.
+ We may discuss the state of the world today and how you can navigate these very challenging and confusing times in a creative and intelligent way. How to take care of your personal state of health and vitality amidst so much pollution in our food, water, air, media, etc.
+ We may discuss world events and the future trajectory of humanity in the decade I call the “Wowing 20’s” for the immense changes we are in the midst of and lie ahead.
+ The fourfold path of holistic self work: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual healing, transformation, and awakening.
+ Or any other topic that you are interested in exploring…


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