Alchemical investigation into music. Music of the spheres, celestial music, Harmony.  Numerology and music.

Experiments in Sound – Guitar pedals and sound modification.  Music and silence, noise and stillness.

Musica Sacra – Transcendental, sacred, meditative, introspective.  Indian Classical, Persian,

Poetry – words and going beyond words


Cultural investigation and exploration of music.  Traditional/Folk, social music.  Mythological and archetypal music.  Similarities across cultures.  Role of music in life.

  • Percussion instruments
    • 1.1 Idiophones
    • 1.2 Membranophones
  • Wind instruments (aerophones) – Human voice
  • Stringed instruments (chordophones)
  • Electronic instruments (electrophones)


The Celestial Monochord
The Celestial Monochord





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