Until You Wake Up, I Will Fight For You

For my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and all members of my human family.

Until you wake up, I will fight for you.

I will keep trying to speak simple common sense into your ear.
I will keep trying to take the blinders off and show you simple proof of the lies.
I will keep pointing the way towards discovering your own truth and becoming your own sovereign individual.

I will keep hacking at the shackles you have allowed to be placed upon you.
I will keep sending letters to your prison cell.

I fight despite your resistance.

Though right now, you beat your fists against me and shout and scream with anger.

Though you attack, ridicule, and shun me.
Though you shake your head and sigh at how I have become unclean and “problematic”.
Though you believe me and those like me to be the problem in this world.

Though you think I am being unscientific, immature, selfish, ignorant, paranoid, or simply very misguided.

Although you fear coming into contact with me lest my unjabbed body and uncovered face harm you.

Though you avoid talking with me, lest you be unable to prop up all your illusions when faced with a well-informed individual who can poke holes in all the narratives implanted into your mind by The Machine.

I will fight for you even as you call me a dangerous conspiracy theorist, a far-right extremist, a treasonous insurrectionist, a science denier, or any other derogatory term given by the control system to smear dissidents.

I keep finding for you even as you cheer the police thugs who arrest me and my brothers and sisters for protesting lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, stolen elections, government corruption, and world wars that could destroy the entire earth.

I fight for you even as you support my censorship, the silencing of my voice online.
I fight for you even as you have allowed yourself to become a supporter and a foot soldier of the regime, of the evil Empire.

What I’m fighting for:

I will keep fighting for your freedom
Until you value it enough to claim it

I will keep fighting for your natural rights.
Until you realize that they are being eroded in the name of “safety.”

I will keep fighting for your health and well-being until you realize that the Empire doesn’t have your well-being in mind.

I will keep fighting for Truth, until you see through the facade of lies and illusions.

I fight for you just until you fight for yourself.

Just as a parent defends and protects their child until it has matured enough to defend and protect itself.

Once you are capable, I will no longer need to fight for you.

You would fight for me.

I am fighting for you because I know you would do the same for me if the roles were reversed.

If you could see the truth and knew there was a great danger, but I could not see it, I know you would fight for me.
Because that is what you do when you love your brother, your neighbor, and your fellow man.

You keep fighting, no matter what violence the dark forces impose on you.
That is what you do when you fight for the good, the beautiful, the true, and the holy.

I fight for you, not for myself, for I do not need it.

That is the tragedy of this whole thing. That even as I am ridiculed, attacked, silenced, and threatened – I am fighting for YOU!

We who are already awake and have been for some time don’t need to fight. We have already disengaged ourselves from the dark institutions and systems that have ruled this world.

We have refused to inject ourselves with chemical cocktails.
We have refused to mask and jab our children and subjugate them to ideological programming in the schools.
We have long since ignored all forms of media programming.

This fight we are undertaking, we are doing it for you most of all.
For you who are being led like lambs to the slaughter by those you trust and obey.

I fight to free you from our enemies.

You are not my enemy.
But you are brainwashed and propagandized by my enemy and the enemy of humanity.

There are dark forces making moves in our world to maintain and increase their power and control.
Right now, we live in the midst of the fog in this information war.
This shadow war for the soul of humanity.

While plugged into the matrix, you fight hard to defend it.

“The people in the matrix don’t want to be unplugged, and they will fight to the death to stop you.”


The forces that wish to rule this world seek to divide us, to keep us separated and constantly in conflict with each other.
They seek to distract us so that we don’t ever realize who the true enemy is.

You are not my enemy.

The enemy of myself and of all humanity are those in the shadows.
The forces that puppet governments, that steer the media, that own the banks, that rule the corporations, that have infiltrated militaries and intelligence agencies.
It is the Empire, the Machine

You have been in an abusive relationship with government, with authority, with the forces that rule this world.
You have Stockholm syndrome – you believe that your oppressor and enslaver is your protector.

You have been hypnotized all your life to believe in and be subservient to those you perceive to have authority.
You blindly trust “the experts” and proudly proclaim that you follow “The Science™.”

The evil of this world has cleverly disguised itself as the good.
And many good people have fallen for it.

I fight to free your mind from ignorance.
From mental slavery and your own perceptual prison.

I fight for you because I know the tremendous amount of effort, resources, technology, and cunning that is invested into ways and means of keeping you ignorant, asleep, and enslaved.
I know that since the day you were born, this society has been conditioning you into ignorance, obedience, disease, and fear.

I know what a Herculean task it is for the highly programmable human being to break free of their own conditioning and step out of the crowd.

I’ll fight for you because there is no one else on your side. All those you have placed your trust, your faith in have long since betrayed you.
Scientists, doctors, politicians, journalists, regulators, health organizations, universities, banks, courts, and intelligence agencies.
Every major institution and system has been corrupted and is serving the exact opposite of its intended purpose.

They make you believe that they are fighting for you, that they care for you, that they serve you. But the truth is that they serve themselves and the System they depend on for their money, their status, and their power.

We fight despite the dangers.

You think I am being selfish and that I only care about myself.
This is the opposite of the truth
What I do, I do not for myself but for all.

Do you think that going against the mainstream consensus is the easy and convenient thing to do?
Losing my job to keep sovereignty of my body?
Being silenced and censored off The Internet?
Being cut off from banks and payment processors?
Being prevented from attending events, going to restaurants, and participating in society?
Being unable to travel to other countries?
Being ostracized and excommunicated from friends and family?

Do you think I stood up and let my truth be heard for no good reason?
Do you think I did not take a great risk?

What is easier, to follow the herd or to step out of line?
What is really the selfish thing to do?

Does it take any intelligence and courage to follow the herd?
The selfish and easy thing to do would’ve been to keep my head down,
comply, comply, comply.
Join the mob and denounce heterodox opinions.

Do you think we would stand up, speak out, and absorb the abuses for no reason?
Do you think we would put our careers, our lives, our reputations, and our finances on the line if we didn’t deeply believe in what we are doing?

No, we fight because the alternative is to live in a dystopian totalitarian world where there are no individual rights and freedoms.

Yet I honor your free will.

Part of my fight is allowing you the free will to make your own decisions, as misguided as I feel they may be.

To stay silent as you continue to give your attention to the same wolves in sheep’s clothing who preach to you fear and then sell comforting lies.

To bite my tongue as you return again and again to receive an experimental injection from criminal cartels immune from liability, sold to you by bought-off media, and mandated by tyrannical governments.
As you even choose to inject your young child with an experimental “vaccine” for a virus that poses no threat to children.

I wait, knowing someday soon the truth must come out.

I shared an alternative perspective. I tried to simply and clearly state the case for deeper introspection, deeper research, and for trusting the innate intelligence of the body over the governmental-media-pharmaceutical machine.

But it is your life to live and your decision to make.
I would not take that from you if I could.
You must make your choices and come to the truth on your own.

And attempting to impose my beliefs and choices upon you would be the very same violation of the rights that those in power have done that I stand in clear opposition against.

I give you your free will. But giving you your free will does not mean that I remain totally silent while you walk towards a cliff that you do not see.

Unto the end.

I will keep reaching out to you, no matter how many times you slap my hand away.
That is what you do for those you love.

I, and millions more like me, will fight for you until you wake up.

Someday you will understand why I and others like me refused to comply.
Someday the truth will be revealed.

I will be the example of another way.

It is said that “By their fruits you shall know them .”And I will be the proof of this.
I will keep existing as the repudiation of all that you have been taught to believe by The Matrix.

I will show you that you can be safe, healthy, and sane only by turning away from your abusers and enslavers and becoming sovereign.
That you must cease obeying external authority and discover true inner authority.

While those who listen and obey the “experts” and “authorities” become more and more physically, mentally, and spiritually unhealthy.

Perhaps you may not believe what I say, but someday you may begin to believe in who and what I am.

By the fruits of my being and my life, you shall know that I am true.

When you wake up, I will be there too.

I do not say these things in a condescending and patronizing manner.

As soon as you do wake up, I will look you in the eye, shake your hand and say:
“Good morning. It’s good to have you with us.
Now there’s work to be done.
There are others still sleeping and others just beginning to awaken.
Let us help them!
And there is the great task, the task of our lifetime, that of building a New Earth from the ashes of the old.
There is much cleanup and restructuring to be done so that we can create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Shall we do it together?”

And when you wake up,
When the scales fall from your eyes and your heart hurts from the depths of evil that has been occurring in our world.

I will be there to comfort you.
To listen to your inner experience without judgment.
To guide you into how to navigate forward when everything has crashed down.

Forgive but never forget.

All will be forgiven
All is already forgiven
You were doing what you thought was the right thing to do; you thought you were being a “good” person.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

But we will also not forget.
We will not forget which of our neighbors were all too eager to turn us in for thought crime.
We will not forget those who did not honor fundamental rights, who resorted to violent coercion when it mattered most.
Those who, when the chips were down and humanity was facing an attempted tyrannical takeover, allowed themselves to be the foot soldiers of the regime.

We will remember who chose fear over love.
Those who accepted and believed obvious lies spoken to them by transparent psychopaths.
Those who we cannot trust to be on the side of humanity rather than The Machine.
Those are not fit for any kind of leadership role in the new world.

When humanity as a whole wakes up and fights for freedom.

I will fight for you until you wake up, and that day of reckoning is coming soon for humanity.
The dam of lies, the web of control. It is all collapsing, and it’s only a matter of time before it all falls down, leaving only the naked truth of what our systems and institutions have been for humanity to sort through.

And I will keep fighting for you, then, as everything you believe to be true crumbles, and you have nowhere to stand.
And perhaps some of the seeds I have planted will then begin to sprout and grow fruit.

And when the whole world is awake and finally united behind the revelation of truths, then I won’t have to fight for you any longer.
I will fight with you and with the rest of humanity.

Until you wake up, I will fight for you.
Because we are all in this together
And none of us comes home until we all come home.

And at that time you will join us.
And now, with eyes open, you will claim your sovereignty and fight for yourself.
And that will be the day when humanity collectively awakens from a long and deep sleep and, for the first time, becomes sovereign.

What do you think?

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