Human Revolution: Worldwide Protests Against Government Medical Tyranny

A collection of videos from all around the world of people coming together in the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands to protest vaccine mandates and passes, lockdowns, mask mandates, and overall government tyranny.

Millions of people standing in solidarity to affirm their freedom and sovereignty.

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 16.53.43

The media does not cover these gatherings. Or, when they do, they make it seem as though it is only a small minority of selfish, ignorant people who are putting others at risk. They smear them with false labels such as “far-right”, “science-deniers”, and “anti-vaxxers”.

These are the tactics of those who are desperate to create the illusion of consensus and conformity.


The dark magicians are having their curtains pulled back. Everyone can see them frantically pulling levers as they attempt to keep the theatrical production, the great illusion sustained. the unthinking compliance of the population, the corrupt have no power.

They are brazenly pushing for everyone to get vaccinated and comply because they need a clear majority to follow the program or else their entire illusion of power and authority will completely crumble.

Every new order and decree is more and more draconian and contradictory, shaking more sleepers into awareness.

There is a significant percentage of the world’s population who sees through the lies and is refusing to comply with a corrupt agenda.

The Great Awakening is happening.

We are witnessing and participating in worldwide Human Revolution.

photo_2021-07-31 09.50.41

France, Italy, and Greece















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