The Transcendence of Reason

The end of reason, and the transcendence of reason.

The end point of rationality is to demonstrate the limits of rationality.
– Blaise Pascal

If you follow reason deep enough and true enough you will come to the understanding that reason is limited.

You will come to the land of paradox.
The realm of mystery and unknowability, where the mind comes to intuit its own limit.  Beyond this the mind must come into abeyance and allow a new faculty of perception to operate.

The true rationalist will come to the day when they see that it is only rational to transcend a consciousness of only reason.

This is the day of the mystic birth.

The day you become open to the unknown, that which operates on a higher level of reason. A reason that embraces paradox and contradiction, because this is the inmost nature of existence itself.

The one who wishes to know Truth, to know Reality must transcend rationality.
For life does not care to become limited enough to be grasped by your petty little mind

Life is multidimensional, existence is more complex and multi-layered than you can imagine.
And more simple as well.

The clever man will struggle to understand this.
The mind-bound scientist will reject that which his mind cannot encompass.
In his arrogance he believers he knows anything about this Great Mystery.

This only means that he has not taken his vaunted reason to its ultimate limit.
And that he has not allowed his mind to know it’s own limitation, and so create space for a transcendent knowing to be born.

Mankind is evolving beyond mere reason, beyond the prison of thinking.
As we awaken to our intuition and higher consciousness, reason will be the asset it was meant to be.
A tool to be wielded by our greater awareness for specific tasks, a device for mundane and material use.
But to be laid aside in order to experience the real things, the most important things.

As we do less and less thinking,
We will discover more and more knowing.

For this is our birthright as conscious beings, holograms of the whole.
We contain it all, we are it all.

This is a knowing through being, rather than a knowledge through thinking

The only thing that is blocking infinite knowing,
is finite thinking.

What do you think?

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