The Crystallization of Consciousness

(A Diamond Sutra)

The Forces that Birth Diamonds

Man is a carbon based life form, and under great pressure carbon rocks and coal become diamonds.
Likewise, under the great pressure of experience, the raw material of human consciousness is being transformed into a radiant diamond.

The latticework of our existence is evolving into a diamond-like crystalline structure.
We are becoming less carbon based, and more crystalline.
Less material, and more spiritual.

We are passing through the fires that forge.
Undergoing the gravitational forces which birth stars and supernovae.
And experiencing the sand which births the pearl.

The pressure of the descent into the depths of limitation.
The challenge of experiencing intense duality and polarity.
This is the conditions within which diamonds are born.


Miners of Precious Stones

To find your diamond you must be a faithful miner and dig deep within your being.
You shall descend into the interior of the earth and therein seek the hidden stone.
Extracting it from the darkness, polishing it, and bringing it into the light of day to share with all.

Once you mine it, it will be yours forevermore.

And you may say:
“I payed no mind to the lies of the mind.
I descended into my mine, and in darkness there I did mine.
I discovered and created the diamond which holds the light divine.
And now it is mine, and mine only.
It is mine, and mine only.
Mine, and mine only.


Diamond Cutter

Once found, the raw misshapen material must be cut and shaped.
You must appraise yourself with a jewelers eye
Forming and sculpting yourself into your unique potential.

Each individual is a precious gem.
Each man and woman unique and unparalleled.
Each facet revealing more and more of our perfect imperfection.
And we may polish to reveal more and more of the light that was always within

The word diamond comes from Ancient Greek word adámas, which means unalterable and unbreakable.
And to attain ones diamond nature is to be eternal and unbreakable.


The Diamond in the Lotus

In the East, the image of a diamond in the lotus flower has been a deeply meaningful symbol.

Om Mani Padme Hum
The Diamond in the Lotus

The lotus which grows from the mud at the bottom of the lake blooms upon the surface.
Opening into a higher reality.

And within the heart of the white lotus lies the diamond.

The symbol of the perfection created out of imperfection.
Beauty born from mud.
Eternity found within time.
Liberation found within limitation, and as limitation itself.

The Long Transformation

Human Beings in the Age of Transformation are becoming radiant diamonds of immense beauty.
Immaculate beings of primordial purity.
Multi faceted crystals reflecting the divine light of all creation into an infinite rainbow of colors.


Previously, it had been rare to find human who has become a diamond.
But in this transformational age, multitudes are becoming large, flawless, paragons of beauty and truth.

As we discover and create our authentic being we step into our true strength.
We forge a hardness which is not brittle, but endures all things.
We discover a great resistance to all impurity,
and an edge which cuts through all falsity.

Unable to be scratched, marred or defaced.
We attain our innate indestructibility.


The Wedding Ring

We will no longer need to wear wedding rings on our fingers.
For we ourselves will be the priceless stone.
And we will be wed to ourselves and to all beings.

All that is required of you
Is to say
“I do”
And then,

Shine like the diamond you were born to be.
Shine as the diamond you have always been.
And be the diamond you are.


Remember to always keep a diamond in your mind

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