Man is Drowning in the River of Time

Man is drowning in the River of Time

Time is a river within which Man exists….
And Man is drowning in the River of Time.
To survive he must learn to swim in the currents and reach the far shore.
Wherein he sits outside of the river entirely, yet can lazily watch it flow by.

The flow of the river is speeding up along with the thinking of man.
The Wheel of Time is spinning ever faster.
The fabric of time itself is increasing in speed.

The individual must learn to navigate these swift currents and treacherous waters.

There is a very real possibility of drowning,
And so many are up to their necks in water and gasping for air.
They struggle just to stay afloat.

They do not see that swimming will not move them down the river any faster than they are already flowing.

If only they knew, that it is their struggle and constant activity which puts them in danger.
If only they would relax and float upon the River of Time.

The River of Time will always flow…
Don’t swim, float!

Find the stillness at the center of the spinning wheel.

The Wise One floats on the river but is not carried away by it.
She does not fight the waters, but plays with within them.
He crosses the river, yet remains dry.


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