The Infinite Thirst

I have an infinite thirst
And I would not satisfy it even if it could be quenched.
For it is a thirst which satisfies itself by being unfulfillable.
It is the infinite that I long for
And not the thirst.

An infinite thirst,
and a thirst for the infinite.

This is the hunger that gnaws in the deepest pit of every man’s gut.
And the thirst which no earthly substance can ultimately fulfill within all women.

A thirst that would swallow the sea.
And a hunger that would devour the sun.

This infinite thirst for life and the experience of the fulness and totality of life.
For the deepest pleasure, the purest beauty.
The thirst for the infinite.

It screams and it whispers:
“Everything is not enough,
and nothing is too much to bear.”

The thirst itself is the expression of the immensity of life longing to experience itself.
Of infinity reaching out for itself.

You will consume many liquids before you discover the waters of life.
You will taste many flavors before you learn to recognize the one taste.
You will imbibe many false substances before you learn the secret of making the Elixir of Life

Seek not to quench thy thirst,
but to drown oneself in it.

Walk the plank and be lost at sea.
Become the longing…
and by and by the longing becomes you.


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