The Limitation of Thought

Thought is innately limited, for it is the product of time and memory.
Thought is a reaction of a reaction of a reaction of a reaction……..Thought is the result of sensory stimulus reacting against memory. Perception interacts with the history of our experiences and thoughts are born.

Thought will always be of the past because it is the product of memory and time. Thought cannot think of anything beyond what the individual mind has experienced. The known cannot know the unknown.
Thought moves in circles, going nowhere ultimately, but having the illusion of great accomplishment.

Thought can never come upon anything truly new. All that it creates is the continuation of previous things.  Mind activity is forever limited and relative. It only applies to the domain in which it was born, in which it exists It is bounded by the limitations inherent in the world of form.

Thought is a useful tool, but it is not all important.
It can never be used to know Reality, Truth, What IS.

Humans, the individual & the collective must see that thought is forever limited, that the solutions to the perennial questions cannot be found through thought or in thinking.  We cannot use the same thinking that got us in the problem to get us out of it, and for some things we must not use thought at all.

Thought is conditioned by ones beliefs, concepts, ideas, limitations, distortions of the mind.  Thought is this conditioning.

The condition of the modern human is to be literally lost in thought

The transcendence of thought is the next step in human evolution, but not an automatic step.  Rather it is a transformation that must be undertaken consciously.

SEE the inherent limitation of thought
And be open and aware of another movement entirely

The fundamental human delusion: “I think therefore I am”

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