Stopping the Wheel

We play the same drama over and over again
We play different characters, yet it is the same trivial story over and over again.
We live days and days and lives and lives repeating the same ridiculous mistakes.

This is the great cosmic farce, the tragi-comedy.


We spin in circles believing that we are moving forward and upwards.   We do not care whether we move anywhere – not knowing there is anywhere to go….

We enter the sea and are thrown back again and again.
We are not ready to dissolve and so are rejected.

In you there is some weariness from this long and tiring journey.
A longing for a place of true rest, for the relinquishing of your burdens.

In this life you have repeated the same empty habits and patterns,
Over and over and over again and again and again and again…
And your lives themselves are a pattern
Whose grooves you have become intimately familiar with and attached to.

The Wheel has a great momentum,
to turn this ship in mid-voyage seems impossible.
Especially when the captain and the crew are drunk and asleep.

The Wheel is still in spin because it hasn’t exhausted it’s momentum yet.
The fires of it’s engine is still being fed.

Turn back!

Break out of your rut of routine.
Swim against the current.
Find rest for your weary soul.

Stop the wheel,
Break the mast,
And set forth on the infinite journey.


What do you think?

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