Poetry is the closest one can come to the heart of things. It is the art of expressing the inexpressible and saying the unsayable.

It is not just words that can be poetry, any medium taken to its ultimate limit, its ultimate flowering of expression in beauty and truth is poetry. Dancing can be poetry, music can be, film…
A human being can be poetry.

Poetry is not so much what you say, but how you say it.
Prose can be poetry if it sings, if it has that hidden music.
But poetry can be prose if it does not sing.

Poetry is the closest art comes to THAT. That nameless thing of a thousand names. That experience of life, existence, experience, reality, truth/beauty.
It is the peak, the crescendo. The dance of life as it disappears into itself

Anyone can attempt to write poetry,
Few can actually produce a few verses of the real thing.
And far fewer still can be poetry.

Keats said “the poet is the most unpoetical thing in existence”.
And he is right – for the true poet is his art. He or she divests themselves of self-ness and disappears into the poetry of existence. The greatest poets didn’t write poetry, they lived poetry, they became themselves poetry.

The way one lives ones life can be poetry, full of truth and grace. To live in such a way that you enter into the harmony of the Kosmos.

To say that one is a poet is to say that you are attempting to live in such a way that you penetrate into the mystery, that you become so harmonious and flowing into life that you disappear.

Poetry is a verb and an adjective, not a noun
It is not a thing, but a quality and a fragrance

Seek not to be a poet,
but to be poetry.
Not to write poetry,
but to live poetry.

To be a poet without ever writing a poem.
To be poetry itself

What do you think?

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