The Challenges and Opportunities of Our Times

The challenges and opportunities of our times.  The difficulties humanity is facing.
Another word for challenge is opportunity and possibility.

Where there is crisis… there is opportunity
Where there is a breakdown… there can be a breakthrough

In Chinese the same character is used both for the words “crisis” and “opportunity”

We have the knowledge, we have the resources, we have the technology, we have millions of willing hearts and minds, we have the power.
What is needed is the ability organize and mobilize.   We need to clearly see where we are and where we are headed, and where we must go.

The most important issues
For now and for the future
For humanity, for the Human Being, for the Earth.

* Global warming
* Destruction of nature – deforestation,
* Soil depletion
* Plastic – plastic poisoning the oceans, the earth, and our bodies
* Population growth, carrying capacity
* Lack of food and water. Malnutrition and disease

* Unhealthy food, food depleted of nutrients and life
* Mental health – the growing strain of living in a world which is losing the sense of community, which lacks a guiding mythos, that encourages depression and meaninglessness. Widespread depression, anxiety
* Mental health – modern man without a soul

* Education crisis – either no education or educated to be a machine, an efficient drone
* Educational Poverty

* Global Inequality
* Economic Poverty
* Radical religious movements – radical islam
* Classism and segregation

* Runaway capitalism
* A monetary system that works for all

* The rise of disruptive technology, such as bioengineering
* Artificial intelligence.

Our Cities
* Urbanization – the metropolis
* Slums
* Crime
* Homelessness
* Air Pollution

* One world government
* Nuclear weapons
* Terrorism
* War – spending billions on war and weapons


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