Education: The Art of Living

Education is the art of living
The art of living and dying
Life is education and education is life
Learning to live is the art of arts. And the science of sciences.

Learning how to learn – this is the true education.

This art cannot be taught, it cannot be drilled into children in schools
One can guide another, can take them by the hand and lead them in exploration. Together they can investigate.

Ultimately you are responsible for your own education. No formal schooling no matter how skillful and progressive can take the individual to the ultimate in intelligence and wisdom,
There comes a time in every individuals education where they must go beyond all schools, all guides, all authorities and learn the art on their own.

The ultimate in education is to be free and awake.

Today our schools merely drill information into our children.
We prepare them for tests which are themselves preparations for tests… and our schools look more like and feel more like prisons.

You cannot teach someone to be intelligent – you can give them a fertile soil to grow, you can love and support them, give them freedom, give guidance, give inspiration, give resources and open them up to possibilities and opportunities
Given this each child, each person, will develop their own unique version of intelligence and creativity.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to hold the torch in their own hands and go sailing upon the stormy seas of life alone. A formal education can only create a foundation, can only give a well rounded primer on all the essential domains of life

Essentially, Education is synonymous with religion.
To live a religious life is the true art. Not the external religions which have tainted the word and the world.   Leading a religious life is the true education. To always be growing and learning, to penetrate deeper and deeper into this mystery of life. To become more and more luminous and aligned with the kosmic order.

What do you think?

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