The Origin, Nature, and Destiny of Man

The Journey of Man

Mineral – Vegetal – Animal – Homo Sapiens – Homo Deus/Homo Novus
The Embryo – the Babe – the Child -the Adolescent – the Adult – the Elder.
Animal – Man – Woman – Robot – Devil – Angel – God

What is the Origin, Nature, and Destiny of Man?

The nature of the individual is the nature of Man
The journey of the individual is the journey of the collective

Where have we been?
Where are we now?
Where are we going?

What have we been?
What are we now?
What are we becoming?

What is the purpose of Human Beings, of Humanity?
Why are we here?
Do we have a destiny? Some great purpose?
Or is it all a tale, full of sound and fury, told by an idiot, told to no-one, and signifying nothing…?
Is it both?

What is our story? What is our collective Mythos?
How do we make sense of this chaotic modern world?
How does the individual live and flourish in this wasteland, in this largely soulless vulture culture?
How do we move forward as one Earth to our future?

The question of consciousness: What does it mean to be conscious? Are we really conscious right now? Do we know what/who we are and what we are doing? Can our consciousness expand, grow, deepen? Can we attain total clarity and illumination?

The question of suffering: Why do we suffer, and is there an end to suffering? How do we end suffering? Is our suffering meant to teach us something? To awaken us from ignorance? Is our pain meant to guide us beyond pain?

The question of Education: What is the true education? Where and how can one learn the art of living and dying?

Are we to just merely exist, struggle, fight, survive, reproduce…? Or are we meant to create, love, grow, evolve, celebrate. dance, sing…….?

What is the Way?
The way forward, onward and upward?
Who is guiding the ship? Who is leading? Do we know where we need to be going? Or in what direction?
If there is a way, who can show the Way?

What do you think?

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