The Wanderer

Be a wanderer
Don’t get stuck in any one place
Keep moving
Nowhere is your home, and so make the whole kosmos yours


Are not the planets wanderers around the sun that they love?
Does not the sun move through the Milky Way?
Is not the Milky Way spinning through the aether?


Be a wanderer, a vagabond, a wayfaring stranger
Not a traveler or a tourist. Not trying to hold and capture and ceaselessly anxious to reach the next destination.
Not heading towards some future goal
Not sick of home or homesick
Enjoy the wandering


Just a wanderer
Roaming, rambling and loafing around

Watching, seeing, experiencing, and feeling the pulse of life, the breath of humanity
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
No tomorrow, no yesterday, no today.

Buddha called his monks Bhikkus, “Wanderers”.
One should keep moving, keep growing…
Roaming and rootless, the world is not your home, you are just passing through


Be houseless but not homeless
A pilgrim on an eternal journey, a ceaseless pilgrimage
On a cosmic voyage from mystery to mystery
Living the odyssey of existence
A never-ending journey
From here to eternity
From bliss to bliss
From home to home


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