Advertising: Psychic Pollution

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.
-Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Everybody wants your attention
Everybody has something to sell

We live in a world of advertising. A world where everybody is trying to get into your head, trying to influence you, trying to get you to buy something. A world where everyone is competing for your attention.

We live in a world of mass media, where there is big money to be made by advertising what you are selling in these place where everyone is looking.

To live and move in an American city is to be assaulted by vampires. Blood-suckers, seeking to steal your money, your attention, and your energy.
All of it is parasites trying to influence you, manipulate you, and in increasingly subtle ways…


Advertising is rape. 
It is a mental rape. Forcing itself upon you, and you the unconscious victim.
One cannot live your life without being assaulted by advertising.
Sitting on the subway… it is there looking down at you
Walking on the street… they are waiting to jump out at you
It is embedded in your phone, on the radio…
It violates your inner sanctum, it steals your privacy, it spoils your innocence.

Advertising is prostitution.
It makes us all prostitutes and pimps. Everybody for sale, everybody shilling something, and everybody enslaved by a higher master.
Everything is for sale. Everyone trying to sell something to you
Don’t you feel so dirty? Don’t you feel so used?

Advertising is pornographic.
It exists for a specific purpose, and it is creating desire in you.
You are lewdly trying to be seduced from all directions


Advertising is psychic pollution.
It is the invasion of our right to mental peace.
Everywhere you look, signs saying look here! Read this! Trying to hijack you.  We have laws against physical and chemical pollution, but psychological pollution is unchecked.

The advertisers are black magicians.
They attempt to cast a spell over you, hypnotise you, sub-consciously influence you.
Advertisements are psychological tricks exploiting the human mind, sneaky and subversive. It is all propaganda, all Brain-washing.

The world is composed of rival gangs of hypnotists, each competing for your entranced attention.
– Written on the wall of a public restroom in the Northgate Mall in San Rafael California

Advertising turns us all into mere commodities. It makes people and all of life into commodities.
Just a thing, a thing among things. No true value, no significance. No beauty and no truth.
All exists to be bought and sold. The only goal is profit.
Creating a false need, an shallow desire, and then giving you a substitute, an illusory happiness

This is the capitalistic world we have created and inherited.  Empty corporations existing only to make money. Everything becomes only a means to an end. Everyone and everything is used and abused. Human beings are used, the earth is used…

Have pity for the advertisers, for they are caught in their own web of falsity. They are lost in a cloud of distorted reality and false values. The owners are enslaved by desire for money. The creators of the adverts are ordinary human beings you see every day. Have pity, for they have no healthy and life giving outlet for their creative energies and so do the bidding of their corporate overlords for a bi-weekly allowance.

You the creator-being, you the life sustainer, you the master and sovereign of your experience.
Use these advertisements as more fuel to the fire of awakeness. Only thing to do is use them as a reminder to be vigilant, to not fall into the trap.

Let every attempt by the psychic vampires be a loving reminder to BE. To be vigilant, to rise above psychological conditioning and polluting influences. Reaffirm your ability to create and choose your own reality and the world in which you live.

And there may come a day when human beings are natural, abundant, and happy with life as it is. Where the black magic of advertising no longer has any one to feed it or produce it. And our public spaces can be adorned with art, with beautiful architecture, with the natural and organic beauty of nature.
Where a brick wall can just be a brick wall. Where a subway car can just be a subway car.

What do you think?

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