Conscious Evolution

Evolution must now be conscious.
We must consciously evolve, and evolve in consciousness.

Up until our present age of humanity, life has evolved spontaneously, automatically. Nature has taken humans along for the ride and we have ridden the wave of momentum.

Life has evolved through the different stages – the prokaryotic, prokaryotic, vegetal, aquarian, reptilian, mammalian, and the human.
Evolution proceeds from the material, to the mental/emotional, to the spiritual/essential.

Humans look back on our evolutionary heritage and stupidly assumes we are at the end-term of our being, that human beings will remain essentially the same from now on. The human being is a bridge between the animal and the divine, between matter and spirit, between the origins and the ultimate destiny of life.

Now we are at the omega point where physical/physiological evolution has gone as far as it can go. Our physical bodies have essentially stopped evolving and the dimension of growth and evolution has now transitioned into the psycho-spiritual sphere.
Now the only way forward is to make the jump to a higher dimension. The individual must make a deliberate rebellion against the inertia of nature.
Man must take his evolution in his own hands: for we are free, yet also responsible.

God is dead and man is free. Free to rise upwards and also free to sink into darkness.
This is Man’s freedom and trembling
His potential glory, and his present agony.
It is a great responsibility, and it takes great Work to make the evolutionary leap.

We must consciously evolve, and evolve in consciousness.
We must become more and more aware, awake, sensitive
We must become more and more a creator – a crystallized individual able to Will.

Our growth now goes against the gravity of nature, and therefore it is arduous. There are strong forces which wish for man to remain an animal, remain asleep and enslaved.
Yet there are even deeper wells of vitality which call us forth to ever deepening growth and transcendence.

It is now our choice, to remain unconscious and devolve into ignorance, darkness, fear, hate, and death.  Or to consciously  grow and evolve into the unknown depths and heights of our Being.
We must carve our own destiny, we must grow our own soul.  It will not happen without our intelligent and mature volition.
We must consciously evolve, and evolve in consciousness.


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