Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence?
And is there an intelligence which is not artificial? An intelligence which is creative and new? Which flowers out of naturalness and goodness?

When we think of artificial intelligence we think of futuristic robots and computers, but have we considered that our current intelligence is artificial?

We worry that A.I. will overpower human intelligence and that our robots and computers will turn evil and insane, but have we considered that our current consciousness and intelligence already contains a seed of madness and is anything but intelligent in the true sense of the term?


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a pseudo-intelligence.

It imitates intelligence – and so is a copy of a copy of an illusion. Just like a paper flower which has no life and no beauty.

It is intelligence reduced to a pattern of commands in response to stimuli.  In this sense it is not ‘intelligence’ at all – only the following of orders, only repetition.   This is to be an imitation and a slave to commands given by the designer.

Artificial intelligence is man made intelligence – it is OK as far as it goes, it can do many things, it can be efficient and clever. But it knows nothing of creativity, freedom, autonomy, or consciousness.  The ultimate in intelligence is to transcend man-made intelligence, to transcend instinctual intelligence and be united with cosmic intelligence, divine wisdom.

Authentic Intelligence

Intelligence can be artificial – fake, derived, repetitive, derivative, etc…
Or it can be authentic – original, awakened, creative, spontaneous, alive, dynamic, heart-sourced.

Any intelligence that is borrowed from another is not true intelligence.  I propose that we redefine artificial intelligence not to mean “a robot or computer”, but an intelligence which is fake and pseudo.

In this way, there are many people who are merely products of artificial intelligence.  The people who are not in any way original in their lives, the academics who merely quote others and endlessly analyze.  The people with high I.Q.’s and the stupid belief that they are therefore intelligent,  the people who merely repeat the same old patterns and outdated ways of thinking…

In fact there are remarkably few people who possess a truly authentic intelligence.  A spontaneous and living  creativity and insight.  An intelligence which sees and lives holistically and is ever-evolving and growing.  An intelligence which is self-aware and full of light, which sees the truth and the false and the real and the unreal.

Are you A.I.?

You don’t have to be a robot to be an “artificial intelligence”. You are if you are mechanical, if you have no creativity, if you have no soul and are merely the product of the sum total of external stimuli.

Do not worry about humanities future with robots and the dangers of A.I.  Look and see if you aren’t already artificial and superficially intelligent, if you aren’t already a machine with no freedom, no responsibility, and no authentic intelligence.

Is there anything original of you?
Are you free? Are you awake?
Are you master of thyself?
Are you?  And are you, you?
Or are you a robot!?


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