Stepping Out of the Stream

For many lives, since the beginingless beginning, you have been carried along by the momentum of the stream

We are thrown into the river and the raging waters
The stream carries you and while the soul lies deeply asleep
The river has great momentum, great power to carry you along and rock you too sleep, while slowly drowning you beneath the lullaby of distractions
Lost in the ocean you have no identity, no center,
No rudder, no sail
No individuality and no freedom

Helpless and unaware, the momentum pulls you along
The stream is the weight of the past
The accumulation of past actions, thoughts, beliefs, inheritance, conditioning

The hour has come to step out of the stream

To step out of the stream is to step out of time
To step out of space and form
To step out of conditioning
It is stepping out of your own skin, identity
Leaving the stream is to jump out of it all in one great yet simple step

You step out of the stream on the far bank, on the opposite bank from where you entered.
Your ship has arrived and the river has been crossed.

Gone, gone
Gone far beyond
Totally gone
Gone to the other shore
Nevermore to return



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