A New Dawn: Discontinuity with the Past

A New Dawn: Discontinuity with the Past

We must make a complete and total discontinuity with the past.

We have to be free of the shackles of the past before we can create the future

We are still ruled by the past. We repeat what had gone before, we repeat the same old patterns and ruts of thinking.

The history of humanity has largely been a history of madness, insanity, violence, unconsciousness.
We today see the madness of the past and choose to learn from it, to make a total break with the old consciousness which created such pain and suffering.

We must cut out the roots of past insanity which are still within us, which we have inherited.
Isms, ideologies, prejudices, beliefs, nations….
Communism, Christianity, Islam, fascism, Buddhism ….

The vested interests of pseudo-religion, politics, business…
Priests and politicians

They have made man a cog in the machinery. They have told man that “you exist for our religion, for our country…”. But these are lies
Everything exists for man, man must not exist for anything else.

In order to create a brave new world we must put the past completely to rest
Give it a funeral, ritualise it’s death, and dance over it’s bones.

We will make a complete discontinuity with the past.
For only with a total death can something totally new and vital be born.

What do you think?

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