The Need for Artists Who Are Inwardly Whole

We should call art only that art which serves to inspire and awaken us to the beauty and truth of existence.

Artists, poets, writers, musicians, and filmmakers are the keepers of the Mythos for modern man.  They serve as guides and storytellers for the soul of man.  It is essential that those who are creating and perpetuating our collective stories and shared consciousness are telling healthy stories and not self-indulgent negative ones.

We need artists and creators who bring the positive.
Who dare to create great art which does not fall back into the laziness and patterns of complaint, anger, angst, ennui, sorrow.
Not that they create from a belief in optimism or from choosing to look at the glass as half full, but art which flows from one who knows that the glass is overflowing.  This true artist is living a healthy, whole life and expressing from that place of goodness and wholeness.

The world needs artists who are happy and whole, artists who don’t dwell in unhappiness thinking it makes good art. The world requires artists who don’t fetishize their sorrow.

It is easy to complain, to be against, to exist in a reactive state against things. It is much more skillful and creative to create order, harmony, beauty, goodness, light.
The artists who dwell in the darkness are taking the easy way and remaining in the valley.  And by glorifying the valley they prevent themselves and others from ever reaching the heights of the mountains.

Great Art is Not Born From Sorrow, But From a Meditative, Prayerful Consciousness

Some people believe that great art can only come out of pain, sorrow, and suffering
This just shows how neurotic modern man is. That we believe that art is merely a cathartic expelling of our pain.
There is much art that is a expelling of pain and sorrow – and if these artists didn’t have their art they would go completely insane and be a danger. Their art is only a release valve. And many people aren’t available to be transformed by great art as the experiencer because they are hung up on their misery.  Instead of being able to be dissolved into the sublime experience of Bach they are listening to angry teenage angst because it mirrors their inner state.

An insane population creates insane artists who create insane art which mirrors the population. The mirrors mirror each other and soon no other alternative is known or allowed……


For example, Classical art is beautiful, it came out of a love of beauty and order, a sense of sublimity…..while Modern art is a reflection of the madness of contemporary man. You sit in front of Michelangelo’s David for an hour and you will feel a subtle sense of awe and inner silence. You sit in front of a Picasso painting for an hour and you will feel nauseous, dizzy, agitated, angry……
Picasso was a skilled artist, but his work serves only to highlight the madness inherent in the modern mind.  It cannot help to lead the individual out of the chaos into order.


The end of fetishizing Pain

For many people pain is the only pleasure that they know. Many people are masochists.  They cling to their sorrow as their identity, and they hold on to it as something that gives them a twisted sort of pleasure. Because, without their unhappiness with life, what would they have at all?  What would they have to do and think about?  What pleasure could they have without pain?

I met a man sitting on a park bench who was complaining about his shoes hurting his feet so much. So I asked him why doesn’t he get a different pair of shoes? He said, “Are you kidding!? Taking them off at the end of the day is the only pleasure I ever get!”

These people need help, they don’t need to be polluting the collective consciousness of humanity with the negativity and unhappiness that they are projecting outwards.

And as a society we worship the artist who is haunted by their demons, we fetishize pain and romanticize the lives of these people. We write books and create movies and revel in the juiciness of the story.

And as a corollary to this – some people believe that to be intelligent and to be creative is to be sad. These people believe that the more sensitive you are the more you can’t escape from the ultimate meaningless and absurdity of life. We then romanticize these people who burn themselves out and self-destruct.

This is utterly wrong. It must be known that the more intelligent, creative, and aware a person is the more life is joyous and fun. That contrary to popular belief, the most intelligent people don’t become self-obsessed and broody tragic figures. But they become Buddha’s and Christ’s and bestow boons upon human beings and the entire kosmos.

Subjective & Objective Art

There is subjective art – art that stems from the individual and may be cathartic for that individual, but cannot transform another.

And there is objective art – art that is born out of a meditative consciousness and therefore has the ability to awaken it in another.

There is a different order of art – an art that inspires and awakens us. An art which overflows from a religious consciousness, an art which can bring the beholder to the threshold of life.

What do you think?

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