Ways of Helping the Other to See

Ways of explaining something and
teaching another. Not telling the other what to believe, not drilling facts into their head. 

The ways of communicating and helping the other to understand, to SEE.

All one can do is indicate to another, be a finger pointing at the moon.

  • Plain, simple, and direct explanation of facts and truths
  • Logically:  Simple direct logic
  • Analogy:  “It is like….” Referring to something the person knows.
  • Story or parable:  The message explained by way of representation in a story
  • Joke:  Ahowing the truth of something through humor.
  • Myth:  Metaphorical and symbolic story which communicates the essence in a subconscious way.
  • Situation:  Demonstrating, creating an existential situation – like a Zen or Sufi master
  • Shock:  Knocking the untruth out of them, or the truth into them. Hitting the person hard.
  • Personal example:  They do not believe it to be true until they see how it is true for you.
  • Poetry:  Giving the fragrance of truth.
  • Silence:  That which cannot be taught can be imbibed in silence, in the silent presence of one who knows.

What do you think?

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