The Occupations of People on a Typical NYC Subway Ride

A poll of a random NYC subway ride.
An observation of what we as Human Beings are doing. What we are occupied with, and the nature of our everyday living.

Are we Human Beings or Human Doings?
Are we awake or are we hypnotized?

(((((((                     ))))))))

Manhattan bound M Train. The lead car crossing the Williamsburg Bridge
10:09 am Tuesday August 30th.
Moon phase: Waning crescent. Sun in Virgo, Mercury retrograde.
Temperature: Sunny, 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

51 Total people

36 absorbed with phone (texting, sexting, emails, games, web-surfing…?)
5 Listening to headphones but not looking at screen
3 Headphones and absorbed in phone screen visually
3 Just sitting with eyes open or closed. Thinking? Worrying? Meditating?
2 Reading a book
2 Talking on the phone
1 Reading a newspaper
1 Working on his Laptop
1 Spanish couple looking at a guidebook map of “Nueva York”
1 Baby in a stroller with it’s mother
1 The Observer – taking pictures, taking notes on iPhone notes app.

(((((((                     ))))))))

Do we own our phones or do our phones own us?

What are we doing on our device that is so important?
What are we doing? And where are we going?

What game played on a cellphone is better than this game of life that we are already in the midst of?

What boredom are we running away from?  What desires are we chasing?  What fears are we distracting ourselves from?

Are we being enslaved by robots, or are we ourselves the robots?

Chasing stimulation.  Distracted from distraction by distraction.

What do you think?

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