Futurology, Futurism – the study of the future.  A history of the future.

Bringing the present into the future
And the future into the present

A discipline which studies man – his past and his present, in order to see into the future.
A field which explores where our current way of living is taking us.

Laying out simply how things will be and must be

The present contains all time. The fruits of the past and the seed of the future.
And the one who is master of the present, is the ruler of time.

This is a domain, a pursuit, for those with a deep nostalgia for the future. For those who cannot look back.

Futurology is the opposite polarity of history, a mirror image of history, a reversal of history,
It is the effort to learn from history and create a present(and therefore future).

We are living now in a sci-fi world.  The future is here.  The exponential growth of man’s technology is making it that the future is continually penetrating into the present.

The work is in consciously creating the future of man.

We have the power to project the history of the future.

Now, let us begin….

YOU who celebrate bygones!
Who have explored the outward, the surfaces of the races—the life that has exhibited itself;
Who have treated of man as the creature of politics, aggregates, rulers and priests;
I, habitan of the Alleghanies, treating of him as he is in himself, in his own rights,
Pressing the pulse of the life that has seldom exhibited itself, (the great pride of man in himself;)
Chanter of Personality, outlining what is yet to be,
I project the history of the future.

– Walt Whitman.   To A Historian

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