Cosmopolitan: Citizen of the Cosmos

Citizens of the earth!
Claim your citizenship of the earth. And stop not there…. claim your sovereignty in the universe!

Cosmopolitan means a citizen of the world. Today for the first time in the history of humanity a person can truly be global, a cosmopolitan. And even more, one can claim their individuality as a citizen of the cosmos.

Passports and visa’s are ugly and their existence shows that the world is not free.
National boundaries and walls are wholly man made and imaginary. They are like dogs pissing on fire hydrants and telephone poles – trying to claim territory they have no right to own.

What good are physical walls and borders when the people of earth are already and always communicating and coming together through our technology?



The new and whole Man is a world citizen, and not stopping there: he or she is a citizen of the universe and beyond.
For why would we cease to identify with a tribe only to think in terms of the state? And why would we leave behind the state only to identify with the nation? And why would we then come together as one humanity, one earth, only to fight so called “alien” life?

We must take the quantum leap now and do away with all limited identifications once and for all.

Now that we have the ability to see the earth from the moon, from outer space, we have the perspective to see that there are no divisions or borders on the earth. The world does not need these divisions.
The whole planet is one organism. Humanity is one race.
A seed of the universal life.

We burn our visas and passports, throw away the keys to our self made jails.
We declare the whole earth as ours, each to each.
And we declare ourselves belonging to the Earth.

We have lived with meaningless divisions long enough. This is the dawning of the Global Age.
Live up to the name cosmopolitan and claim your sovereignty and citizenship in the cosmos.

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