Anemic Academia

The universities of the world are full of anemic academics
Dusty professors analyzing everything into absurdity while openly professing their irrelevance.
Our colleges produce critics who can’t create, who then reproduce more of their kind…

Academia is an echo chamber isolated from the world and from reality, where commentators commentate on commentaries.
Quoters quoting quotations until their own voice is lost in the babble.

People aren’t individuals who stand by their own merit and speak on their own authority as a living breathing human being. They become a name with a P.h.d after it to prove that they have authority and knowledge.

B.S. = Bullshit
M.S. = More of the same
PhD = Piled high & deep

Pages and pages are written by pundits and pandits, all in the end to make one insignificant but clever point, some clever thesis which says a lot but means nothing. Tales upon tales, full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing.
All to hide from others, and especially themselves, that they know nothing and that they have no song in their heart.

Do not let yourself be infected by academia!
Howl at the moon! Astonish!
Snatch the stars from their spheres!
Break all the rules – the ones written, unwritten and yet to be written!
Simplify! For complexity is not a mark of intelligence. Rather skillful simplicity is.
Rebel and reject all influences to analyze,
Dive deeper and deeper into life, into the wordless experience.

Speak with your own voice
Hear with your own ears
See with your own eyes
Walk with your own two feet.

And leave the anemic academics scratching their bald heads as they try to fit you into one of their boxes.

What do you think?

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