Man is Full of Weights and Wounds

Man is full of weights and wounds

He is a weary traveler carrying a monstrous suitcase on his back.
Baggage, shadows, poison, darkness, restrictions & constrictions, scars, conditionings….
And the tragedy is that he doesn’t know how to drop them.


Man is full of repressions
Full of hidden, unknown, and unconscious things which hunt him, haunt him and rule him.



The Way is to experience yourself with compassion and understanding. The Way is to open your suitcase and let everything fall out on the road. And don’t look back, don’t shed a tear.

We must turn around and face the monsters. We must bare our chest to the blade. We must go into the dark with our little candle and our aloneness. We must dive deep and redeem that which seems unredeemable.

Only with a catharsis, only with a deep healing can the individual flower, can he realize his birthright and his destiny. Only with deep and healthy roots, roots not crippled by false beliefs can man fly.

We are all born as kings and live as beggars. And to become a king the only thing to do is stop acting and thinking of yourself as a beggar and live as king.
There is nothing to do, for the only way there is to be there

Why live in darkness when your were born as light?


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