The Real Revolution

It is time for the revelation that revolution is inner


The only revolution is in oneself

Politicians will talk of a revolution – but it is not revolution. (Barry Sanders, Obama….)  It is only tapping into the dissatisfaction of the people. It is riding the wave of popular sentiment for personal gain.

Bernie Sanders is right that “we need a revolution”. But he is absolutely incorrect in giving people the idea that political revolution can come from within, and that revolution can ever be political at all.

Revolution is the very anti-thesis of politics, and the politician is the farthest person from revolution.


They may even believe that they are bringing revolution, they convince themselves while they convince others. But they are deluded.  They don’t understand the total picture.  They have been in the system so long they don’t know what it means to break out and revolutionize.

And many revolutions, like the communist ones merely change one ogliarch for another. History has shown that these revolutions fizzle out and amount to a fart in the wind, yet every time a new one starts people believe that “this is it”

People lose themselves in external and false revolutions so that they can feel as though they are being revolutionary without undergoing the real revolution.

People long for revolution, there is a deep need in us to feel like we are undergoing revolution. So many of our movies contain revolution, that spirit of great change and transformation, the individual becoming crystallized and a hero.

And instead of undergoing the real revolution we settle for the easy and artificial external “revolution”.

Getting lost in a mass movement happens when you are hoping for some utopian future and the euphoria of dissolving in the energy of the crowd
It is the result of a very great tragedy – the inability to see the perfection of what is, here-now. And not knowing that the only thing that ever needs changed is your relationship to life.

USA - 2008 Elections - South Carolina Primary - Senator Obama at Victory Rally

The crowd can never be revolutionary, can never be truly rebellious

Revolution can never be political, for politics is the very anti-thesis of revolution and rebellion.

There is no revolution from within the system.  The state can’t revolutionize because it is a collective entity which can only change gradually, linearly.

The individual can undergo a revolution.
The individual can make an about-face.
The individual can undergo a radical transformation.
The individual can die and be reborn, and the individual only.

False revolutions come and go, and after years and years of changes things are more or less the same.

The greatest rebellion in existence is to break free of all external influences and limitations.  It is to be a vital, dynamic, and sovereign man or woman who is totally alone and individual.  But it will not be a egoistic, isolated aloneness.   It is a aloneness which is intimate with the 10 million things of this world.  An individuality which is profoundly in tune with the whole, with the cosmos.

The greatest rebellion and revolution is to discover your own original face and your bloody beating heart.

What do you think?

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