The Ultimate Synthesis

Religion is the science of the inner
And Science, the religion of the outer

The body is the visible soul
And the soul is the invisible body

Religion is the subjective science
And Science is the objective religion

When looked from without it is Form
When looked from within – Formlessness

Inner and outer,
Outer and inner
Subjective and objective
Science and religion,
East and West

     ((((((((((((((                  )))))))))))))))

In the near future there will be no separation between Science and Religion, the subjective and objective domains.
Science is already discovering that the closer it comes to the fundamental reality, the more things become chaotic, irrational, subjective, and dependent on the observer. It is coming to the point where it must acknowledge the ultimate subjectivity of existence.

And the pseudo-religions of superstition and belief are dying, ready to die off completely – and in their place have been individuals who approach the fundamental, existential issues of life in an essentially scientific manner – through meditation, experimentation, elimination of the false, and personal experience.

It is time for humanity to mature beyond false distinctions
It is time for Science and Religion to be seen and acknowledged as two poles of the same quest for Truth or Reality – one seeking the truth of the external world of forms, and the other in the internal world or consciousness, formless spirit.

Only in the individual, in the Human Being who has established within him or herself a balance of intelligence and sensitivity, of head and heart – is capable of seeing what is Real, and what is Truth.

It is time for Man to awaken to his lost Soul

And it is time for Homo Sapiens to journey onward and upward, into the future and to the stars….
As one species, one humanity, one community,
With science and religion, with technology and wisdom, with knowledge and creativity, with playfulness and sobriety, with joy and compassion.

I sing of the union of all seeming contradictions
I sing of the whole, healthy, and holy Man and Woman
I sing of humanity’s present and future
I sing of our actuality and potentiality, and I bring the potential into the actual
…the future into the present.

I sing of the ultimate synthesis, where Human Beings are rich in all dimensions, inner and outer.  Where we are creatively intelligent,  scientific artists, material spiritualists and spiritual materialists.  Where we do extraordinary things in the external world with science, technology, and inventions; and where we are tremendously blissful and fulfilled within because of silence, meditation, art, mythology, connection to nature, and self-understanding.

This is the only possible future for Human Beings… there are no other options.  The only alternative is to kill ourselves and our planet with fear, hate, greed, and  ignorance.  To commit suicide by destroying ourselves and our home.

What do you think?

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