Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here!


Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here!

Let go of hope, for hope is the shackle which cages the one who would realize that hope.
For you believe that you are bound and then hope and pray for liberation.

Hope is a sly trickster, for it is a poison masked as medicine. It is a thief wearing a false smile. A man who lives on hope is as a drunkard living on the dim remembrance of a previous euphoria, ever chasing its future recurrence.

Hope is useless where there is trust, when there is knowing of the inherent goodness of creation. When there is trust in one’s own ability and the understanding that nothing is evil, that not even death is to be feared.

In the extinguishing of the false flame of hope may the inner bonfire of trust alight and burn away all clingings of hope with it’s father Fear and mother Desire.

Ask not for proofs, demand not assurances.
For trust is its own reward and its own proof.

But one must lie in bed with the darkness and accept it’s embrace for three moonless nights.
Only then is your hope starved and your trust consummated.

Do not ask me for what comes after, for I do not care to know today.



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