The Ideal

The Ideal,

The Goal,

Fulfillment, Perfection, Apotheosis

The Quintessence,

The Supreme, The Ultimate,
The Pearl of Great Price, The Holy Grail, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Key to the Mystery, The diamond in the mind, The Jewel in the Lotus, The Philosophers Stone, The Elixir of Life, the consumation of the Magnum Opus

The flowering of human consciousness, Buddhahood, Enlightenment, Liberation, Christ-consciousness, godliness…

Reaching the mountain top, attaining the summit

Crossing to the other shore, crossing the river, the sea

All point to the consummation of something, the apotheosis – something reaching its fullest and highest potential.

And the end of all things is the beginning of all things. The source, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.  What may be called the divine.

There is some urge in Man, some great dissatisfaction with anything less than attaining to his or her full potential.

One’s true Kingdom, Power, and Glory.

There is something within us(or perhaps we are something outside of it?) which senses the awesome possibility and unmistakeable reality of an inner Ideal.  The inner knowing of a supreme reality…..


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